Are we closed-minded?

It’s tough now if you want to defend Islam. They’ll say we’re not open-minded, stubborn, not catching up with modern civilization. Although even their claims are not strong enough, lets focus on this accusation.

just hold that thought for a minute. Are we really that closed-minded?

Look at the current state of this world. We’re living in a world where islamic values are being scrutinized, both by the media, public figures, and scholars. 

Content on the news and social media are all celebrating freedom and all sorts of secular values, framing it with humanist jargons.

Also take a look at the public school and universities where we are encouraged to be critical whilst there still remains minimum content of religion in our education system.

by that depiction, I think it’s fair to say that we’re the ones that are open-minded. We’re the ones that are reluctant to follow the mass opinion. We’re the ones who are open to other values and principals beside what the media tells us to believe. We’re the ones who are open to learn other things besides what out education system has given us. If anything, they’re the ones that are closed-minded, following what they’ve been hearing and learning all along.

Just think about it.


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