Month: July 2015

My Ramadhan Reflection


It’s been 3 days since Ramadhan has left us. Meaning all the euphoria and blessings that Ramadhan has given is now in the past. And also, meaning that satan is released back to the world to do his usual job. Distract us. Disturb us. Make us away as far as we can from Allah.

But one thing i learned in this year’s Ramadhan is that we actually are, and should be capable of resisting from any temptation that satan brings. In a way, we should see Ramadhan not as a form of test for us, but rather as a platform for us to practice to be a good muslim.

If you think about it, Allah has made the perfect atmosphere for us in Ramadhan. We’d be given bonuses of rewards, like when an act of sunnah is counted as an act of obligatory deeds. And also, we are told to fast. To put our worldly desires aside.  But then Allah made it easier for us by locking the satan away from us.

All of these circumstances that Allah has made, leads to a perfect atmosphere for us to fully concentrate on our prayers, our relationship with Allah and the Quran, and our behaviour to others. All in all, we are shaped in Ramadhan, just to simply be a better muslim. Now the question is on us, Allah has made Ramadhan in such beautiful and perfect cirumstances, but have we made the most out of it? #notetoself

looking forward, after Ramadhan is not only about celebrating Eid and then go back to the usual. We should see beyond that. It will be such a big shame, if we fast and practice for a whole month without gaining any improvement whatsoever.

Yes, the circumstances is different, satan is released, it most certainly will be more difficult. But that’s what practices are for rite? so you can be prepared for the real world. Where distractions  and temptations are everywhere. But, also remember in Ramadhan we’ve been practicing our patience in many ways, one of the reasons possibly is so that when it’s over, our quality of patience is upgraded. so, hopefully with a whole month of practice, we are capable to resist any distractions.

moreover, Allah loves those who are patient. In surah Az-zumar:10, Allah says that those who persevere in patience should get their reward without measure. without measure! Masyaallah.

So let’s celebrate this joyful eid while still maintaining and improving what we’ve gained from this Ramadhan. May Allah guide us to the straight path and protect us from the distractions of satan. Amin.


Here’s a few of my personal favorite quotes regarding Ramadhan: