Month: May 2015

Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali. He is the most confident, arrogant when doing his job, and yet in a way very humble when talking to others. His achievements, personality, behavior and strength is better than any other.

First, his boxing is like no other. He is the world champion and the best ever boxer that ever lived. The way he beats his opponent is exceptional. I’m not a big fan of boxing to be honest, but when i see him in the ring, it’s just compelling. The way he never gives up. The way how he defends. The way he attacks. It’s just beyond any boxer. And everyone agrees that he is the greatest boxer ever. But, this is just one part why i look up to him as a human.

The other side, is his personality out side the ring. If you look at other boxers, or sportsman for that matter, you would hardly find any sportsman that have the knowledge and wisdom like Muhammad Ali has. I’ve watched his videos, and the way he talks is just mind blowing. Especially if you compare it to other boxers or sportsman. Seriously, if you have not watched his videos, you have to watch it. I was not born when Muhammad Ali was being the greatest and getting all the fame and fortune, but thanks to youtube i can watch it all over again. For examples in interviews for upcoming matches, or just a simple talkshow, he speaks with such intelligence.

Most sportsman just answer questions as it is, without giving any extra effort. But this guy is different. His confidence, his self belief, his wide range of knowledge, it can all be seen in the way he talks.

That is probably why i’m most inspired by him. He’s not just the greatest inside the ring, but also outside the ring. People know him mostly because of his quotes. And i have to say his quotes itself is the most wise ones ever. And this proves that he has an effect not only to his generation, but also in the future.

But more than that, he established himself to become one of the greatest. His quotes are good, but his videos are better. Really, you have to watch it yourself. There are lot of quotes from Muhammad Ali that i cherish and i keep to myself on a daily basis, but one’s that special is this: “i was the greatest, i knew that before i was”.


midnight thoughts

College. exciting. well atleast my expectation was.

The thing about college, well mine in particular, is that im not forced into one kind of environment. benefited by how the system works, i dont have to meet the same person day in day out. which results to that i dont have to deal with those that, well, does not suit me.

No, im not being exclusive. not at all.

i prefer to say i’m being more aware. lots of people out there are unconsciously driven to enviroment that they themselves are not convinient with. the scary thing is, because they are trying too hard to fit in, they start doing things which deep inside they believe is wrong. yep, thats usually how it goes. first you accept, then tolerate, and the worst is eventually you start doing it.

from passive smokers becoming active smokers. from quite to loud. from spending 30thousand/day to +100thousand/day. from being friendly to very picky. ah i can go on and on. until eventually it reaches the point that you become someone who thought you would never be.

i’m not saying that it’s  something bad. or wrong. changes is something inevitable in our lives. we have to accept that. i would rather think it as an impulsive response from ourselves reacting to our new surroundings. on how we want to adapt smoothly without any problems. on how we want to make a good first impression. on how we want them to like us.

what i don’t agree upon is when people’s sacrifices are much bigger than what they get. they sacrifice their past, academics, health, and most imprtantly their trust. trust from their parents, family, and God. just to fit in.

ah well, probably this is just me wandering in my head that’s filled with judgements and assumptions.

what i’m trying to say is that, your environment matters. your surrounding matters. it’s very hard for a single person to not be influenced by their surroundings. so the best way is to choose one surrounding which benefits you in a way that you can still be you. i’m not saying you should stay forever, you have to go out from your comfort zone, ofcourse! but never, never make it as your home.

01.12 4th february 2015